Micropowders resolves customer process issues

A large international client in the chemical industry approached us with a process issue of the high temperatures in summer causing problems with their millers ability to supply. They were happy that their supplier always met specification although a small percentage of their final product failed. They were unable to determine why.

We investigated what was going wrong and determined the cause of the problem.

A new testing method and production system was recommended. They now have no issue with supply of product over hotter months.

Space Shuttle technology to the next level

We worked with a metals company, who had spent over $200,000,000 on research associated with the tiles used in Space Shuttles. The product had very unusual requirements.

One of the elements within their project involved very specific particle distribution. They had spent time and money on equipment, professional advice to achieve consistent results – but to no avail.

We were invited to consult on the particle size and control processing. We were able to modify the processes to achieve the required distribution. We then trained staff on the principles of meeting the distribution consistency.

We explained how to operate and control their production systems and recommended a number of system modifications. Even though their raw material still varies in several ways they now produce consistent products.

Micropowders expands wet milling capabilities

Micropowders recently announced it has expanded its wet milling capabilities to ensure greater production of suspensions.

“The latest expansion reflects our commitment to broadening our range of services and capabilities to support the needs of our growing international customer base,” said Micropowders Managing Director, Andrew Cooke.

“Over the years we have invested heavily in new plant and equipment, and this latest move places Micropowders in a strong position to add further value for our clients. No other company in Australia can match our capabilities, and the growth of our customer base offshore shows that we are also highly competitive on the international stage.”

Micropowders develops a cartilage based (micro vulnerable) product

We did development work on cartilage based (micro vulnerable) product. Whilst we were able to achieve very fine particle distribution when dry processing, due to the resilient nature of the product we were not able to achieve target distribution at an economical rate.

By processing it cryogenically in wet stage we were able to minimise any bacterial growth and achieve desired particle distribution.