Micropowders adheres to the highest standards to ensure its milling output meets international compliance standards in health and safety. To maintain its focus on quality and consistency. We continue to invest in the latest technology to meet customers' requirements.

Micropowders undertakes a full system disassembly and wash down before every change of product. Its site is also divided into separate milling areas – one servicing low-risk industrial products and the other food products – to eliminate any prospect of cross-contamination. Sterilizing and surface testing is done on a regular basis.

Micropowders carries certification in ISO 9002, AQIS and is registered under the EU. We also operate under HACCP Guidelines. This enables us to meet the different levels of quality required across a range of industries. Air is used extensively in the milling process, and as many projects involve foodstuffs, the air must contain minimum levels of contaminants. Micropowders is able to deliver the quality level specified in ISO 8573-1, Class 1, which is the optimum result and one which few other businesses in the world can deliver.

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